Our Products

In their modest Tannery in Southern Hawkes Bay, New Zealand a close knit, highly skilled and enthusiastic Team work to process the fur skins. The very best furriers then construct the UNTAMED creations on offer.

Sue & Steve and their Team manage the entire process from raw material procurement, tanning, dying and manufacture. Their Team carefully select the very best pelts that are offered from a team of professional hunters and are respectful of their environment when dressing and tanning, using methods that have minimal negative impact on the environment, and fully adhere to all Government regulations. The company continues to explore options of reducing waste and all reject skins and manufacturing off cuts are used in other areas of the business.

It is here that New Zealand Wild possum leather is being processed enabling UNTAMED to offer you unique leather goods. See the Leather backed cushions, and watch for new UNTAMED leather beauties coming soon.