Fur & Skin Prices

The base price that Basically Bush pays for possum fibre is dictated primarily by the market. When demand is high the price tends to increase, and when demand is low the price decreases. It is a process that occurs in all commodity markets.

Fur prices do change during the season. This is due to market conditions and is mainly influenced by supply and demand. For up to date information on current prices contact head office.

We are now buying Hand Plucked and Machine Plucked Possum Fur at $110 per Kg.

Raw Possum Skin prices for the 2023 season range from $10 to $22.

We currently don't require 3rd grade, or Sliped skins.

Price Stability

Seasonality is also a price determining factor. All hunters know that during the moult and into the summer months the fibre is shorter than for the remainder of the year and therefore has less value to the yarn spinner. This is the reason that there is a price decrease during the summer months. We encourage hunters, if possible, to operate for a nine month season – March to November. This will ensure better returns.

Price stability –starting with the supplier and following through to the end user is one of the most important factors in determining the longevity of an industry. Basically Bush believe that the possum harvesting industry has a robust future and to support that strive at maintaining a stable price throughout, while ensuring that the hunter is well rewarded for his labour.