Commission Tanning

We can tan or dress your Possum Skins on commission; quickly, professionally and offer value for money.

Here at Basically Bush we are continually exploring ways to improve our possum skin dressing and tanning processes.
We believe that we produce some of the best alum dressed, chrome tanned and dyed Brush-tail possum skins in the country.

Commission Tanning Pricing

​​Please note: We only Commission Tan Possum Skins

Prices for Alum Dressed Skins are as follows: (Excludes GST)
Less than 10 skins                   $19.80 each
10 -50 skins                            $17.00 each
Over 50 skins                          $15.40 each

Alum dressing is the most common method used for preserving skins, and results in a white, pliable pelt.
​Skins should be chrome tanned if they are to be subject to excessive heat or moisture. This process will incur an additional $2.50 per skin.
We can commission dye skins. This service will incur an additional $4.50 per skin.
We have the plant and the expertise not only to produce soft strong leather, but also to finish the fur that will bring out its full potential of plushness and luxury that fur truly is.
​Our Commission Tanning service to hunters enables them to have their own very special possum skins dressed or tanned.

Quality Assurance Guarantee

  • We guarantee that all possum skins sent for commission tanning, dressing or dying will be processed professionally to the highest standard.
  • We guarantee to return the exact skins that we sent to us to process.
  • We will contact you when skins have arrived and provide feedback on your skins prior to processing them. If in our opinion they are not to a suitable standard for processing we will discuss this with you.
  • We will process your skins in a timely manner.

Commission Tanning Enquiry Form

​If you have possum skins that you would like us to Commission Tan submit a completed Commission Tanning form and/or phone us. We will notify you when you can send your skins to us.

Please DO NOT send skins without first contacting us and receiving confirmation on when to send them. When consigning skins ensure that your name, address, phone number, and the number of skins to be Commission Tanned is enclosed.